1. Registration and payment
When registering for a German language course, the total course fee is payable. This includes a one-off registration fee of 35€ (150 € registration abroad). Payment can be made in cash, via PayPal or by bank transfer:

Fusion Bildung e.V.
IBAN: DE90 1007 0024 0368 8090 00

For payments from overseas, students must pay any bank charges. Your course place is reserved and confirmed upon receipt of the above-mentioned payment.

2. Withdrawal
In case of issuing of the entry visa the right to withdraw from the contract lapses automatically and respectively the paid course fee will not be refunded. Cancellation of the contract in this case is not possible. If students fail to attend or leave a course, they are not entitled to a refund.

3. Cancellation
If a student fails to meet their payment obligations and falls into arrears, Fusion Bildung e.V. is entitled to terminate the contract without notice. This also applies in cases of gross violation of the course regulations and house rules.

4. Entry visa
If an enrollment certificate is issued for the purposes of obtaining entry visa to learn the German language, the full course fee must be paid in advance.
Only upon presentation of a visa refusal notice (not older than 20 days), the total course fee can be paid after deduction of the cancellation fee (registration fee + 10% of the total course fee) within two months.

5. Transfer posting
If a transfer posting is wished by the course participant, for example, with later arrival to Germany (delay of the visa), the first transfer posting is cost free. Every other transfer posting costs 35€.

6. Bank holidays/cancelled lessons
There are no lessons on statutory bank holidays and no reduction in the course fee. The same applies to short notice lecturer changes in connection with a cancelled lesson. If a tutor is absent, Fusion Bildung e.V. will endeavour to find a replacement teacher as quickly as possible. Fusion Bildung e.V. will reschedule any lessons that are cancelled due to its negligence. The dates and times of the rescheduled lessons will be solely determined by Fusion Bildung e.V.

7. Failure to achieve the minimum number of students
If the minimum number of students (6) is not achieved, the course may continue to run as a small group. In this case, the number of lessons will be proportionally reduced for the same course fee, i.e. by four lessons a month for each missing student.
The course may also continue to run with the full complement of lessons if each student pays an additional 15% of the course fee.
If the course cannot continue to run as a small group, Fusion Bildung e.V. is entitled to cancel the course. Any fees already paid will be refunded. Students shall not be entitled to any compensation.

8. Student absence
If a student is absent due to illness, holiday or for any other reason, they are not entitled to a reduction in the course fee. A credit note will not be issued.

9. Liability
Fusion Bildung e.V. shall not be liable for any accident or illness suffered by the student during the course. Students will be held directly liable for any damage they may cause.

10. Other conditions
A change in language teacher does not entitle the student to either terminate or withdraw from the contract. Smoking and the use of mobile phones are not permitted in our classrooms. Students must have adequate health and liability insurance cover.
Any special arrangements must be agreed in writing and signed by both the student andFusion Bildung e.V.. The German version of these Terms and Conditions is legally binding. The place of jurisdiction is Berlin.