Advanced language use

B1 plus – Basic Course III

Students have basic knowledge of the German language, which are naturally deepened. Using modern methods of learning to speak in everyday situations, the written expression and listening comprehension are practiced. The teaching has a strong communicative approach.

The past subjunctive tense is introduced, along with the passive and pluperfect. The word order in questions and sentences with pronouns is covered.

Our German lessons place particular emphasis on speaking. In addition to the syllabus, current affairs are also discussed. Additional learning resources, such as newspapers, films, educational games, etc., encourage students to actively comment on these issues. The pleasant learning environment in small groups inspires learning and helps students use the German language competently and confidently.

At the end this level, you have a relatively good knowledge of German. You can understand the main points when familiar aspects of work, school and leisure are being discussed in clear, standard language. You have no problem talking about experiences and events, describing your dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly giving reasons and explanations for your plans and opinions.


Aspekte Neu B1 plus (Klett Verlag)

Course duration

4 Weeks


80 hours of instruction

Course Fees

389,00 € + 37,00 € (Books)

Course content

Students visiting beginner III have already learned a considerable amount about the German language. They can already make connections and conversation concerning basic themes, such as shopping, family, travelling, and work, as well as expressive themselves when writing.

Now you will learn to tell about your experiences, what your hopes for the future are and lead basic discussions with other classmates. For this course, it is important that you can ground and represent your opinions. Accordingly, there will be grammar learned in this course level.

After the completion of beginner III, students will be able to take part in basic discussions and understand basic texts and newspaper articles. The beginner's level grammar will be repeated and built upon while students learn to lead conversations about interesting themes.