Specialized Languages

C1 – Intermediate II & Telc C1 Hochschule-Preparatory Course

For students with a good knowledge of the German language. In this German course, you consolidate your German knowledge and become a competent user of the German language in terms of both receptive skills, i.e. reading and listening, and the active skills of speaking and writing. The C1 course places particular emphasis on written expression.

We therefore work with challenging, longer texts – not only from the textbook, but also from the German media. The main areas of social and professional life (politics, culture, business, etc.) are covered, using the appropriate vocabulary. The aim of this German course is the seamless written and verbal use of the German language that is as grammatically correct as possible.

At the end this level, you have an excellent knowledge of German (expert user). The knowledge you have gained allows you to understand a wide range of challenging, longer texts and also recognise implicit meaning. You are also now able to express yourself fluently and spontaneously without distinctly searching for expressions.

You can now effectively and flexibly use the German language in your social and professional life or during your training and education, and are able to make clear, well-structured, detailed statements on complex subjects and appropriately apply various means of text association.


Aspekte Neu C1 (Klett Verlag)

Course duration

4 Weeks


80 hours of instruction

Course Fees

389,00 € + 38,00 € (Books)

Course content

The tasks which students work on in the advanced level are demanding. Long, complex texts from such areas as literature, science, research and psychology will be read. the students are progressed enough that they can even read between the lines. This means theat they are already capable of interpreting texts and have exchanges about such texts whit one another. Discussions will be held during the lessons, as well as advising interviews and presentations. Students most produce texts regularly and listen to CD exercises in order to improve the precision of their German skills.

The procurement of vocabulary, which is very important for official life in Germany, plays a central role in the advanced level.

Throughout the duration of the intermediate II will prepare you for the Telc.

The main subjects of the content are, among others:

- Society
- Giving advice
- Literature
- Criminality
- Psychology
- Theatre
- Science and Research
- Art