Independent Application Of Language

B2 – Intermediate I

This German course covers many topics of general interest, such as yourself and your CV, employment and careers, love and relationships, the media and health.

The various tenses are covered (especially the past, subjunctive and past subjunctive, use of modal verbs and passive), as is the position of words in a sentence. Students are encouraged to converse about a range of interesting topics. They learn informally to understand content and discuss, but taking care to maintain correct writing form.

Our German teaching is enhanced by additional teaching resources such as films, audio excerpts, newspaper articles and educational games. One of our main aims is for students to learn in a relaxed learning environment and have lots of fun. This German course allows you to significantly improve your language skills. We spontaneously converse with each other and discuss current topics of interest. The intermediary level also includes the continuous improvement of your written ability.

The B2 level – Intermediary 1 is the minimum language requirement for studying in Germany.

At the end this level, you have a good knowledge of German. You can understand the main content of complex texts about specific and abstract issues, as well as specialist discussions from your own area of expertise.

You can make yourself understood so fluently and spontaneously that a normal conversation with native speakers is perfectly possible, without a great deal of effort for either party. In addition, you have no problem clearly and explicitly expressing yourself on a wide range of topics, explaining your view of a current issue and stating the advantages and disadvantages of various options.


Aspekte Neu B2 (Klett Verlag)

Course duration

4 Week


80 hours of instruction

Course Fees

389,00 € + 37,00 € (Books)

Course content

The intermediate I level is strongly centered on the repetition of grammar which was learned in the beginner levels. Participants will practice applying complex connections. Students will additionally procure learning techniques which shall help with problem solving and occur when learning the German language. As students are able to fluidly communicate in the intermediate level, the themes during each lesson will become more abstract. In this way, students will write formal and informal letters, describe pictures, voice assumptions and speak about the advantages and disadvantages to various content. It is also expected that students take over a majority of the speaking during lessons and regularly write texts in which they express their opinions about specific themes.

The main subjects of the content are, among others:

- People
- Cities
- Language
- Love
- Jobs
- The Future
- The Media
- Cars